The idea of a room which changes served as the starting point for the window design and watch presentation. Progression is created by different sized balloons which are continuously filled with air and which, in this way, slowly fill the room and then finally dwindle to their original size again. Emptiness and fullness, calm and tension as well as darkness and light determine the ever changing room.
With its breathing, the installation is reminiscent of a living object which encompasses the display window.
Time is not visible and exists only in our consciousness yet it can be measured and continues uninterrupted. Change and the succession of events can help observe and visualise time. The Rado display window is seen as a spatial experiment in which time is depicted by motion and breathing.

delphinerumo_wanndenn_smallballoons delphinerumo_wanndenn_bigballoons Vienna Design Week 2011

For Vienna Design Week 2011 the Rado Store was transformed into a living organism. The breathing machine inside the window builded the organs, while the three dimensional facade embodied the skin.

delphinerumo_wanndenn_pump delphinerumo_wanndenn_building delphinerumo_wanndenn_automate delphinerumo_wanndenn_balloons

Year: 2011
Winner of the Rado Young Design Prize 2011
Exhibited during the Vienna Design Week, Passionswege
In collaboration with Greta Hauer
Material: giant balloons, pump, custom made electronics, wood, foam