140626 Vitra + StokkeAustad 75882

This scenography was executed while working at the design office StokkeAustad in Oslo. Being a place of comfort, the bath house has a calming presence of large and tranquil surfaces designed to enhance well being and cleansing. It is a meeting place for people with different stories, of different ages and gender. We created a modern interpretation of the bath house tradition where was displayed a selection of art pieces, jewelry and products.

140626 Vitra + StokkeAustad 75913 140626 Vitra + StokkeAustad 75902

Year: 2014
Copyright: StokkeAustad
Vitra+ is an initiative by the Vitra Oslo Brand Store to invite designers and architects to exhibit in their store. The StokkeAustad design office was the first one to be invited and create an exhibition.
Exhibitors: Vitra, StokkeAustadAndreas EngesvikMaja StabelKjersti GjestrudKaren von Pedersen and Marius Ektvedt
Photo credits: Birgit Fauske
More information about this project on the website of StokkeAustad