I focused on the development of the Barangaroo project taking place on the harbour foreshore of Sydney since 2006 to investigate whether the erosion of the public realm would reduce the possibilities for social interaction. I produced a literature review on the privatisation of urban public spaces and a short movie presentation where I analysed the media coverage, from March to August 2016, by the two main newspapers from Sydney, The Daily Telegraph and the Sydney Morning Herald. Please find here my Literature Review on the privatisation of urban public spaces.

I observed that The Daily Telegraph and the Sydney Morning Herald de-emphasized the overall importance of keeping some land public in comparison to the financial outcomes for the city of Sydney of building a second casino on the harbour foreshore. I demonstrated how both newspapers played an important role in communicating and framing the planned construction of the Crown Hotel and Casino on the South end of Barangaroo park. The Barangaroo project allocated zones to specific social spheres and the public space was framed as a key element for financial profit. Social actors advocating for the public sphere were underrepresented and there was a total omission of the moral nature of having a second casino being built in the centre of the city. I concluded that the way actors and events were framed impacted the perception of the idea of public space and that the lack of diversity of actors and opinions influenced the decisions related to the physical reality of Sydneysiders.

Year: 2016
Produced for the courses: Investigating For Change and Media Power, University of Technology Sydney UTS
The research was conducted across two Social Sciences courses, for both of which I received high distinctions.