This is a short documentary on synesthesia.
Supported by the research of cognitive scientist and synesthesia expert Joshua Berger the story follows two characters, John and Nichola, who intimately associate sound and text with colours. Close up shots, self-reflective voice-overs and flashes of colour drive the spectator to perceive the world through their eyes. The documentary addresses the differences in individual perception and builds our understanding of human diversity by poetically presenting the experience of synesthetes.

‘I interpret other people in that way so when I get to know them and I know the colours in their name, it is like they have their own unique palette as well. It is how I think about people and they become associated with that palette in the same way that I am.’ (Nicola)

‘Some of the colours are pure, E major, for example, I just see red. But A flat major is not so easy to describe. There is a pale beige mixed with this tinge of yellow, a bit like you cracked an egg over actual beige paint and mixed it.’ (John)

‘Try to imagine that if every time you heard music you saw an explosion of colour or if every time you ate cauliflower you tasted purple or even if you saw somebody else gets touched you felt it on your own body.’ (Joshua)

Year: 2016
In collaboration with Jahlia Solomon and Camilo Zannoni
For the course Composing the Real, University of Technology Sydney UTS