This product was developed while working at the design office StokkeAustad in Oslo. To keep the strong character of the original sketch we worked on refining the curves as well as the meeting point between the flat surface of the mirror and the volume of the base.
Reflecting not only the person viewing it, but also the material itself, the rectangular mirror plate contrasts with the massive piece of stone or wood.

sketch_mirror_straight_forweb2 stone-mirror-frontstone-mirror-back_140610

Year: 2014
Copyright: StokkeAustad
Material: black beauty stone from Værlandet (west coast of Norway), pine, oak, ash, mirror
Dimensions: large 34.3cm x Ø13cm, small 19cm x Ø6.5cm
Photography credits: StokkeAustad by Delphine Rumo
More information about this product on the website of StokkeAustad