As part of growing cities, the natural habitat of wild animals are shrinking. As a consequence the fauna have to rearrange its living space by overtaking the city in different ways. Foxes, beavers and raccoons have arrived in our daily urban life – searching their way through our waste, living as some kind of nuisance. The human beings were acting like parasites in nature, now animals are taking back their space.
How can we integrate animals back into our daily city life and live with them in a more balanced relationship?



Made out of a rough cutted piece of hard wood this stool and bench welcome the single bees in our gardens, yards, roofs and balconies. Here is an object which works as a link between human and animal, both using it, both sharing it.


Year: 2011
Part of the project Live With Them
Exhibited during the Vienna Design Week 2011, Carte Blanche
In collaboration with Greta Hauer
Material: hard wood
Dimensions: stool 35cm x 44cm x 35cm, bench 70cm x 80.2 x 57cm