” It’s for free!
As a special gift, delicious candy is given away by a cardboard machine.
Make sure you get your free ticket, which can be exchanged for candy.
The machine will dispense your sweets along with a printed personal receipt.
Enjoy! ”
This simple miniature show artfully tells about the complexity of the sin of envy. What happens then when the girl with the pink lipstick in front of you received 18 candies and you are receiving zero?
The colorful candy dispenser sharpens the desires of the visitors. A ‘one chance’ ticket is inserted into the device which makes a recognition sound. Soon after the cardboard machine distributes a certain amount of candy and prints a receipt. At that point one can read the result and compare to the previous person, emphasizing the unfairness of the situation.

cestcadeau_delphinerumo_2drawings delphinerumo_cestcadeau_ticketdelphinerumo_cestcadeau_receipt





delphinerumo_cestcadeau_inmarseille delphinerumo_cestcadeau_inmarseille2 delphinerumo_cestcadeau_inmarseille3

Year: 2013
Exhibition ‘Envy, the seven sins’ , gallery Montgrand, Marseille
Material: cardboard, wood, custom made electronics, sensor, speaker, motor, thermal printer
Dimensions: 80cm x40cm x45cm
Production on request, limited edition 7 pieces + 1 prototype